Jonas (Jonah) C. Troutman



Researched and compiled by Faye V. Bell, SLC (2017)


            Following the records for more data on the TroutmanŐs led to identifying Jonas as Jonah and also as John  Troutman.   He was born 24 Oct 1848 and passed away 6 June 1916.  He married Delilah Warner in  Kansas and hop-scotched across the states to end up in Washakie County, WY.  He was self-employed as a merchant.  He and Delilah had two sons and it hasnŐt been proved, but it is a possibility that Cora Troutman was his sister.  The household of George Frederick Aaron Conner and his wife Cora were open to the Troutman family.  The Fred ConnerŐs had a two daughters (Kathleen lived there until she was of age) and Freda of Denver and one son, Earl Conner.


This family were tightly bonded with the Fred Conner family; therefore, there is a chance of error in this research.  I recall they were a happily married couple and generous to relaties in need.  fb