Photo Provided By Terril J Mills: L to R Francis Becker Ingram. Frank Tully, Fanny Washburn Tully, Henry Tully



Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012


Much of the obituary facts come from the writings of the daughter of Fanny Washburne Tully written for the History of Washakie County published in 1976



            Fanny Washburne was born in Center Point, Iowa, Nov. 2, 1883, the daughter of Andrew and Sarah Washburne.  Her parents were of English descent.  When Fanny was 20 years old she visited Mary McClellan of Big Trails, WY.  She was orphaned by the death of her mother who had been a close friend of Mary McClellan.  Her daughter said, in the above-mentioned article, that when Fanny got off the train a few miles north of Casper, W Y, sagebrush and February weather in 1903 convinced her that she would stay one year and only that.  However, the young Fanny Washburne never went back to Iowa.  Instead she met James ‘Henry’ Tully who worked for George McClellan and the couple were married and had two children: Mary Tully Fehlberg (1912) and Wayne Washburne Tully (1913).  Both children were born on Big Trails, Big Horn County, and went to highschool in Casper, WY.  In 1932 her son Wayne met with an accident involving his horse and was killed.  When their heavy-duty working days were over, Fanny and Henry moved to Ten Sleep in the mid-to-late 1930s and remained there until his passing in 1956.  Thence, she moved to Worland and lived with her daughter Mary Fehlberg and family.


Memories: Fanny Tully was a pleasant (well-turned out woman) who ripened into a neighborly, kind matron of the town.  fb