The monument to WW II veterans (Dec. 7, 1941- August 1945):


The monument was purchased, inscribed and mounted sometime after the end of WW II.  This was a Girl Scout endeavor under Fae MosesŐs leadership.  The list of men lost in WW II is as follows:  James Morgaridge (on ship Arizona Pearl Harbor 1941); Lyle Williams, (flying from England) 1942; Louis Rosetti, 1943; Marvin Waln, (stateside crash) (1944); Lester Daugherty (U.S. Navy Pacific theatre, 1944); P. Merton LaRose (Pacific theatre) 1944; Charles Rhodes (Stateside airplane disaster 1944; Parker Boyle (Normandy) 1944.  (See view of WW II monument, Registry page).


Worland Newspaper 2 June 1945