1928 - 1928


By Faye V. Bell (SLC) 2017

(This is a remembered story told to me by my mother, Fae Caines Moses, when I was a teenage girl in Ten Sleep, WY).




The infant child was born and died in the wintertime on the mountains above Ten Sleep in 1928 and the baby’s parents were Hazel and Don Wells who became long- time residents in Ten Sleep. Their family consisted of Eldon and Marcella –son and daughter—when the babe was born.


The extreme weather conditions hampered any hope of getting out of the mountains, so they placed the infant in a suitcase and kept it frozen until they could get to Ten Sleep and have a burial.   Another son arrived later and was given the name of Victor Wells.


The couple were Seventh-Day Adventists and lived it’s teachings.  I was touched by the story and I think my mother was, too. Whenever I would see Mrs. Hazel Wells, I would ponder on her sorrow. I believe the child was male.