Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013

References are U.S. Federal Census – 1930 and 1940



            Hazel V Whipple was born 1897 in the state of Kansas.  She married Donald E Wells about 1916 who was born in Nebraska.  All of their children were born in Wyoming.  In 1930, there were Sylvia (age 13), Eldon ( 8) and Marcella (5).  By 1940, Donald Victor was 8 years old.  They lived in Ten Sleep, WY until their children were adults.  Much of the time Hazel was alone with her children living on the north bank of the Victoria ditch above the Ten Sleep school district lands in a small house which they owned.  She was a conscientious member of the Sabbath-Day Adventist Church and when Don (her husband) was in town, they walked arm-in-arm through the alleys of Ten Sleep in their Sunday dress.  He appeared very gallant and solicitous.  Don allegedly made his living from another area in the mid-west.  They were a handsome couple and seemed to survive without other relief.   After a very long period of time, Donald E Wells evidently ceased to be part of their family life as he failed to appear.  Hazel lived alone a great portion of her life.  Her daughter Sylvia married and lived in California; her son Eldon served in WW II and established a garage in Ten Sleep about 1946; Marcella married Sam Dellos and lived there until her family was grown; Donald Victor (better known as Vic) married Arleta Magoon and moved away from Ten Sleep.  Hazel later married a Mr. Whipple and lived in the Big Horn Basin.  She passed away in 1985—a revered mother and an upright woman of the community.



Memories:  Hazel was always neatly groomed, properly clothed and decorous in her behavior.  Where the musical talent came from I donít know but both Marcella and Victor had great singing voices and added to Ten Sleep school performances.  Hazel Wells was endowed with the striking appearance that black hair and dark eyes set in a white complexion can give.  She was of medium height and weight and had a great personal dignity.  Fb


Worland Newspapers left to right: May 28, 1982; April 11, 1946; Nov 12, 1948

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