Researched and compiled by Faye V. Bell (2017) SLC


            Lillian Harriet Williams was born to John Early and wife Norma Florence Grout on 31 January 1918 at Big Trails, WY.  She was the oldest of four children: Muriel F., John W. and Mary Lucille followed her birth.  By 1940 U.S. Federal Census came out, her father had passed away (long time resident in the area) and her mother had remarried and also had passed on.  Lillian and her siblings lived then in Chicago, Illinois; she was 18 and was a comptroller.  When WW II was over all four of the children moved back to the ranch on Big Trails –Mary L returned to the East later.  Lillian met Alvin Ray Williams and by 1947, it is believed they were either engaged to be married or were married.  Alvin was a local returned veteran from WW II.  Later they moved to Casper, WY and remained in that area for the rest of their lives.  There is no record of their children to share.


Memories:  Lillian was tall – probably 6 feet; very blonde with light complexion; slender and seemingly very happy with Al Williams when I had glimpses of her in 1947 and maybe until 1950 in the area of  Big Trails.  Usually, they were accompanied by her sister Muriel and her espoused associate Louis Gerstner and her brother John W. Early at that time.  Fvb