Researched and Compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012



            William [Billy] Frank Bull was born to Frank and Mellie [Jones] Bull in Ten Sleep in 1931 and joined 4 sisters in the family: Marion, Elaine, Millicent, and Bessie.  Later, another sister Nona L Bull joined the Frank Bull family.    He attended Ten Sleep schools and graduated from Ten Sleep High School 1949.  He was a good student and a member of the Pioneer basketball team in 1947 which team took the State Championships for the C class school that it was.  Bill Bull never married and overall,  was a solitary figure.  He was living with his sister Elaine Calkins when he died in  Worland, WY in 2003. 




Memories:  Bill Bull was always well groomed and courteous.  In the schoolroom where I knew him, he walked a careful, unobtrusive path. fvb